Phishing site "Manage Facebook ads through Google (ADX)" hosted on Google Sites with malware on


Fixing "permission denied" error when trying "ipfs add"

When I tried to add a directory from another partition ipfs said "permission denied".

Looking for BIP39 tools? Beware of phishing!

I just found an advertisement on Google advertising a fake BIP39 tool and reported it to Google. - phishing website, fake bank, collecting document scans for identity theft

This is a phishing website made with Wordpress. Passwords are being sent in cleartext to the email address. They just collect the identity document scans in order to be used for identity theft.

Fake forex broker - WRX global

There are multiple websites built with the same template: The companies listed on the website does not exist in the company registers.

Soft latching power switch with inrush current limiting

Use the switch S1 to turn on or off the inrush current limiting.
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