The backlight of MOTOROLA MOTO E6S does not seem to use PWM for the backlight

I tested it with a photodiode connected to the microphone input of the sound card.  When I position the photodiode towards the phone's LCD dispaly I do not hear signs of PWM. When I position the photodiode towards my LCD monitor Acer S222HQL Abid I hear about 1kHz beep (this is to confirm that my setup is correct). Here is a photo of MOTOROLA MOTO E6S: I am posting this MOTOROLA MOTO E6S image because this way my article will be better indexed by search engines. And may help users searching information about MOTOROLA MOTO E6S (if PWM is used for the backlight or not). Another photo of moto e6s: I am using these devices (stylus pens) instead of my fingers because I don't want fingerprints and dirt on the display:

Common misunderstanding of dividends - explanation

 Reddit user wrote something stupid:

US Household's Equity Allocation Hits New Record - Money Printer go Brrr...

Link to the same meme in Facebook.

IPFS does not work when /home directory is not readable - /home/myusername/snap/ipfs/1912: Permission denied

When I type "ipfs daemon" I get error message "cannot create user data directory: /home/myusername/snap/ipfs/1912: Permission denied".

North Edge AK watch - User's Manual in English [PDF]

I did not found the instruction manual online, so I digged up the box with the original paper manual and scanned it in a PDF format.

HP1740 not working correctly, problem with colours and flickering

Most likely the problem is with RTD2523. The board is BENQ 48.L1G01.A02. The power supply is providing 4.97V and 3.28V in standby mode and 4.93 and 3.26V in "on" mode. I checked and the chip should work with voltage greater than 3V, so 3.26V should be fine. Now I have RTD2523, will write later what happened.
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