Fake forex broker - WRX global

There are multiple websites built with the same template: The companies listed on the website does not exist in the company registers.

Soft latching power switch with inrush current limiting

Use the switch S1 to turn on or off the inrush current limiting.

My video "not suitable for most advertisers" - it's just me cleaning my air filter with a vacuum cleaner

Limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers. Review requested. Right now we are only able to review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days. We'll review your video once it reaches that threshold. I am not trying to make money with this video. However I am worried that the YouTube's system for detecting "bad" videos is out of control - it demonetizes perfectly "safe" videos.

Just saw this suspicious advertisement on Facebook for - phishing website

Do not trust websites for generating private keys and/or creating paper wallets, which are advertised on Facebook! Tested it and confirmed - it sends the private key to the person paying for the advertisement.

Stealing Bitcoin "is nothing illegal, but morally wrong" - WTF?

After I reported this phishing website to the web hosting provider I got this shocking answer:

Suspicious website - probably hosting malware

This website have only one page (the homepage) and is using the logo of Coin Telegraph (probably without permission). It advertises and hosts suspicious .exe files. I tested them with VirusTotal and some of the antivirus programs detect trojans. Links on the header and on the footer are not working (except the link to CoinTelegraph). Also the "subscribe" feature is fake. Screenshot of the Screenshot of the original Coin Telegraph: According to signatures the files are signed by AGM 1980 Limited: Links to VirusTotal reports:…
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